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A beneficiary on your iPhone?

A beneficiary on your iPhone?

June 28, 2022

Not your average estate planning recommendation!

Did you know when you die, Apple (and Google/Android/whatever) won't give anyone access to your data?  That includes:

  • Text messages
  • Pictures on your phone
  • Access to your home alarm security app
  • Access to Facebook or other apps
  • And more

Now if you know the password, it's easy enough to log in. But that falls under the same laws as opening someone else's mail. 1

I might think so too, but rules are rules.

However, I was pleased to recently learn that there is a way to effectively add a beneficiary to your iPhone!

It's called a Legacy Contact.

Apple users can add a Legacy Contact for their Apple ID. Adding a Legacy Contact is the easiest, most secure way to give someone they trust access to the data they stored in their Apple account after they pass away. 2

The process is pretty simple. Here is a step by step screenshot of how I did it to my own iPhone.

Open your settings app:

Click on your Apple ID name towards the top, then select "Password & Security". 

Scroll down to "Legacy Contact":

After I added my Legacy Contact (you can add more than one person such as a spouse, a child, or a trusted friend) I chose to click "Print Access Key" to get the proof document. 

After you get to the print screen, you can click "Print" again and email the document to yourself .

I printed the document for my wife and added it to the other estate planning documents (like a will, trust, and instruction on how to pay the bills).

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Not your average estate planning recommendation, but I thought it would add massive value to an otherwise unknown potential issue.

Feel free to forward this to your friend and family who may also find value in it.