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The Intentional Plan™ 

The path that money and life takes has twists and turns.
Real financial planning should intentionally follow with it.


Tax Analysis

Investment Analysis

Planning Recommendations

Our process described in three steps, typically done in three meeting with diligent work from our office completed in the background. These three steps could take more than three meetings, which is common.

First - Introduction and getting to know you

This gives us a chance to ask you personal and financial questions,  and really try to understand the goals you're trying to accomplish. This also gives you a chance to ask us questions and determine if we are a mutual fit.

The goal of this meeting is to have a clear understanding of your goals, your concerns and your unique financial picture.

Second - Plan Analysis and Reporting

After we had a chance to review your unique circumstances, we take time to use our decade+ of experience to run a financial, risk analysis and tax analysis to explore possibilities and test scenarios.

The goal of this meeting is to provide you with a Opportunities and Concerns Report, along with additional pertinent information to decide if we should engage in creating a full financial plan.

Third - Clear understanding and mutual commitment

After we decide to engage in a financial plan, we will create and show your Intentional Financial Plan. We will walk through your financial outlook, stress-test your current investment accounts, and build tax strategies based on your unique circumstance. 

The goal for this meeting is to show your Intentional Financial Plan and a few reports more based on the conversation in our second meeting and give you a chance to have all of your questions answered.

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