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<b>Making intentional wealth decisions for small businesses and families.</b>

Making intentional wealth decisions for small businesses and families.

We specialize in working with high-income families and owners of closely held businesses who are seeking an independent advisor to implement intentional wealth accumulation and tax-efficiency techniques.

The majority of our clients need support in the following areas:

  • Comprehensive Planning: you’re busy balancing your business and your family, so you need a strong team to handle your financial planning.
  • Business Planning: as your business continues to grow, you need strategies to alleviate your tax burden, and strategies for your employer benefit plan offerings.
  • Tax Strategies: you need assistance mitigating tax burdens affecting your wealth-building process.
  • Investment Management: the number of options can be daunting, so you need analysis and recommendations you can be confident in.
  • Estate Planning: you want to ensure your estate is properly managed so your wealth continues to grow.
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Plan first, invest second

Through our financial planning process we will outline a plan, only after the planning process will we go through the investment selection process.

Pension Plan Analysis

We will review your plan assets, fees and service offering to enhance plan management through strategic steps.

Fiduciary Services

In order to help you meet your fiduciary responsibility, we build a plan to model a systematic review process and prudently service your plan.

Business Planning

We will work with legal professionals to develop business structuring plans, and asset protection and business continuity strategies.

Risk Management

We assist with risk mitigation by identifying potential risks and weaknesses in your financial plan, and providing viable solutions.

Tax Planning Strategies

We partner with your tax and accounting teams to build efficient tax strategies and solutions.

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