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Investment Philosophies

I believe the best way to build a client is by listening to, executing, and serving the needs of clients. I will not sell products you don’t need or earn commissions by recommending products that are over priced. The only way I make money is by the fees paid by my clients for the financial advice, financial planning and investment management I provide. A comprehensive financial planning package will be built around the needs of Gen X and Gen Y clients.

After initial discussions of to discover your goals and objectives, a determination of risk the client is willing to take with their investments will be determined. Through risk tolerance questionnaires or the use of quantitative questionnaires that pinpoint a risk number, the level of risk your portfolio can take is attempted to be determined. Once a Risk Score or Risk Tolerance is found, allocation of portfolios can be made. Your risk level will be provide to a list of trust Third Party Asset Managers to professionally manage your portfolio.