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Bradley Shammas, CFP®, CPFA

I started in the financial industry to intentionally change lives for the better through professional advice and service. 

During the 2008 financial crisis, I watched helplessly as family and friends lost their income, their jobs, and their homes.  

It was a difficult time for many people, and a desire to help eventually drove me to pursue a career as a financial planner after I finished my Business and Economics degree.  I have been working in the financial planning industry for over a decade, and with the advice and support of my mentors, I established IWM Financial - Intentional Wealth Management - in 2016.

In 2012, I married the love of my life, a few years later we welcomed our daughter Penelope, and  a few years later our son Alexander. They are the most adorable little children on the planet (but I might be a little biased). 

I am deeply committed to my family, so I strive to live a life full of passion and purpose in order to be a better husband and father.  Likewise, my faith is an integral part of my life and this molds my personal and professional relationships. 

I earned a double major in Business Administration and Economics at California State University, Fullerton.

I am a CFP® Certificate Holder, completing my education at UCLA.

I’m a California native, living in Riverside, operating my business out of North Orange County, and am an active member of my church.


CFP® professionals are held to strict ethical standards. What’s more, a CFP® professional must acquire several years of experience related to delivering financial planning services and pass the comprehensive CFP® Certification Exam before they can call themselves a CFP® professional. A CFP® is committed to serving their clients' best interests today to prepare them for a more secure tomorrow.



Servicing in Orange County, Riverside, and beyond, we do our best work with those who are looking to retire successfully, reduce taxes and invest smarter.

In addition to being all around nice people, and enjoyable to be around, our clients often share some of the following traits:

Diligent Savers

While most of our clients don't consider themselves as "rich", through a lifetime of diligent saving they have accumulated a meaningful nest egg.

High Income Earners

Our clients who are still working tend have high income ($150,000-$1,000,000+/year), which leads them to having daunting tax burdens, and want to do something about it.

Diligent Delegators

Our clients understand that retirement is too important and want to work with a CFP® professional whose business is independent and puts the clients interest first.

If this feels like you:

If you associate with these qualities, the next step if you contact our office to decide if we should work together.