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Before the fire

Before the fire

June 13, 2023

The fires in Canada were awful.

But it seems like I can remember awful fires here at home every year too.

Nobody expects the wildfires to reach their home. But it often takes events, like huge fires in a neighboring country, to raise awareness of the importance of being protected.

Losing your house is almost unthinkable. I know for me, that's where all of our stuff is, our kid's toys, and our valuables. We can't replace the memories that have been built in our homes if a disaster takes it out.

Having a basic plan in place in case of a fire loss should be mandatory. 

Less than 25% of people have an inventory of everything in their home. 1, 2 

That's something that is so simple to do. Just take a video of every room in your house, then document it. That's free.

We also find not enough people have umbrella insurance. That's crazy! It's so cheap.

There are more things to consider to be prepared for a disaster:

  • Install (and check) smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
  • Maintain the foundation of your home
  • Keep your yards and sheds accessible and free of clutter
  • Make sure your deadbolt and windows lock (actually go over and see if you can pry them open easily yourself)
  • Have an earthquake kit ready and stocked up
  • Make sure trees and bushes near your home aren't drying out

We have a number of articles on our website that provide more information on home insurance and hazard protection. I have highlighted a couple here as well.

I hope this is helpful.

1., May 11, 2021 (most recent data available)
2. ScientificAmerican, February 6, 2023