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Biden Signs Infrastructure Bill

Biden Signs Infrastructure Bill

November 16, 2021

The long waited Infrastructure Bill has finally been signed by President Joe Biden.  There's a lot that this bill covers.

At the White House on Monday, President Biden signed a $1T bipartisan infrastructure bill set to enable enhancements for transportation and utilities over the next five years.1

Over those five years, $550 billion will be invested into both the physical infrastructure of the nation (roads, highways, and rail) as well as bringing broadband internet to areas it hasn’t been previously available.1 

The bill will also create jobs in many parts of the country. Projects ranging from replacing lead pipes in water systems and upgrades to bridges will now move from the planning stages, and into the real world.1

As provided in the New York Times article2, "Here’s what’s in the infrastructure bill that Biden signed today", the main projects funded int he bill will be:

  • $73 billion for rebuilding and upgrading the eclectic grid.
  • $66 billion for Amtrack maintenance and other rail projects.
  • $65 billion for expanding broadband/high=speed internet to more locations throughout the US.
  • $47 billion for "climate resiliency" to help combat wildfires, hurricane and flood damage prevention, and more.
  • $21 billion for more EPA lead environmental projects.
  • $15 billion for upgrading water systems that contaminate drinking water with lead and other pollutants.
  • $7.5 billion for electric vehicle charging station accessibility.
  • $2 billion for expanding transportation projects in rural areas.

"In total, the measure contains $550 billion in new funds to be spread around different areas of need. Here are some of the areas covered.".

As usual, large government programs mean money for private concerns as contractors place bids and get hired for these projects. You may have questions about how these infrastructure projects might affect your overall financial strategy. I’d be happy to make time to discuss your questions and concerns as these projects break ground.

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