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How do I prep for my 2023 taxes?

How do I prep for my 2023 taxes?

January 11, 2024

Filling taxes can be painful. ðŸ˜Ÿ

That's why we recommend working with great accountants.

👉If you don't have a great accountant or would like to interview a new option, let me know and I can connect you to someone that does great work for someone like you.

A question I get every year is, "What documents do I need to get ready to file for taxes"?

So a couple of years ago our office started putting together a Tax Prep Memo for our clients that outlines the tax documents our clients would need to collect for their accounts. In addition, we try to include any contributions they made throughout the year, transfers, if any big changes happened, and other important notable points. 

The only way an advisor can review taxes, is by actually reading the taxes.  What did your advisor say when they reviewed your taxes last year?

Our clients tell us how much they enjoy getting these memos, and how they will use it as a checklist for their accountant. It's been a great resource on how we can collaborate together with the tax team

For everyone who doesn't need a tax organizer, here is a free resource for you to use.


What Documents Do I Need To Collect For Filing My 2023 Tax Return

With tax season right around the corner, I am well aware of how daunting it can feel to make sure you are fully prepared for your tax appointment. To help with your efforts, I've put together a great checklist for you that will help serve as a tax organizer.

Feel free to use this as you see fit.

After reviewing this checklist, we are happy to schedule a call and go over any additional questions you might think of. 

💡 ï»¿Also, if you would like a tax review to find additional tax strategies to help you save money in taxes, and in turn, increase your long-term income, please reach out to our office. We would be happy to walk through a tax review with you. 

What Documents Do I Need To Collect For Filing My 2023 Tax Return