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Do Millennials Need To Work With A CFP<sup>&#174;</sup> Pro?

Do Millennials Need To Work With A CFP® Pro?

For many reasons, a millennial should consider the professional advice of a CFP® Pro. Life of a young professional includes making a lot of big life decisions: buying homes, combining finances with a significant other, changing jobs, paying off debt and student loans, advancing educations and more. 

There are tons of ways a CFP® Pro can help guide these decisions with intentional advice.

Cash Flow and Budgeting

Will I be okay? Will I have enough? Will it always be enough?

Buying a Home

How much can I afford? Is it a wise decision to buy? Which funds should I use for a downpayment?

Student Loan Analysis

Should I consider Debt Forgiveness? How can I pay for my MBA? Should I consolidate or refinance my loans?


What strategies are available to reduce taxes? How should I consider capital losses? Can capital gains push me into a higher tax bracket?


How should I invest my 401k? What investments should be considered in my portfolio? How much in fees should I be paying?

Debt Management

Should I refinance my loan? Which loan should I pay first? Which card should I use?

Cash Flow Real Estate Decisions

Would purchasing a cash flow property fit into your overall plan?  What tax advantages should be considered?

Roth Conversions

Should I contribute to a Roth or Traditional? When is the best time to convert to a Roth IRA?

<strong>Our Intentional Approach</strong>

Our Intentional Approach

At IWM Financial we walk clients through a roadmap to define and quantify goals and work together to build a plan on meeting these goals.

We coordinate with other professionals such as attorneys, accountants and real estate professionals.

We act as your partner providing financial planning advice on an ongoing basis. As your life changes, your plan should change too.

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