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Steven J. Simerlein, P.C. 401(k) Plan

401k Education and Enrollment

How to enroll in the 401k:

How to enroll

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About the Plan

The 401k is held with  to Principal Life Insurance Company provide multiple tools, education resources, and additional means to serve you.

Plan Assets are custodied by Principal Life Insurance Co.

The Financial Advisor for the plan is: Bradley Shammas, CFP®, CPFA.

  • Eligible if:
    • You must attain age 21
    • Have completed 1 year(s) with the company in which you worked at least 1,000 hours
  • Enrollment Periods
    • Semi-annual date on or after you meet the eligibility requirements
  • Select your salary deferral percentage—
    • Up to 100% of your eligible pay*
    • Up to $20,500/year, or $27,500/year if age 50 and over
    • Vesting 100%
  • Employer Match
    • Contributions to the 401(k) are matched dollar for dollar up to 4% of salary
    • Vesting 100%

Plan Summary

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The plan allows discretionary investing to any of the options available on the platform.


If you want to hit the "easy button" you can pick one Target Date Fund to do it for you.

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