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Welcome to the Nereyda Perez Agency 401(k) Plan

401k Education and Enrollment

How to enroll in the 401k:


Once you have become eligible, 401GO will send you an email with a link to verify your employment, and set up your 401(k) account.


Questions on saving and investing call (714) 415-2680,
or schedule a time:

About the Plan

The 401k is held with 401GO to provide multiple tools, education resources, and additional means to serve you. With 401GO, a customized portfolio based off your needs and investment goals.

Plan Assets are custodied by Matrix Financial Solutions, a Broadridge Financial Solutions company.

The Financial Advisor for the plan is: Bradley Shammas, CFP®, CPFA.

  • Eligible if:
    • You must attain age 18
    • You must complete 3 month(s) of service
  • Enrollment Periods
    • You may be automatically enrolled in the plan on the first day following 3rd month of service
  • Select your salary deferral percentage—
    • Up to 100% of your eligible pay*
    • Up to $22,500/year, or $30,000/year if age 50 and over
  • Employer Match
    • The Employer has a very generous matching contribution equal to:
    • 100% for the first 1% of contributions, 50% from 1% up to 6% 
    • For instance, an employee would contribute at least 6% to get the full 3.5% match
  • Vesting
    • Employee Contributions: 100%
    • Employer Match: 100% after two years of vesting service

Setup Process

Plan Highlights

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We create strategies that are tailored to your needs and goals.

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Your Guide to Retirement

The road to financial security in retirement begins with a clear understanding of the benefits of investing, smart financial practices, and professionally guided investments.

Why Start Today?

Starting your retirement savings now is essential to achieving your long-term financial goals. The power of compounding interest amplifies the value or your investments – allowing every dollar to accrue additional value through gained interest. Over time, that gained value begins to generate additional value, exponentially increasing the growth of your wealth.  Simply put, small investments today can deliver big impact to your future financial well-being.

Information provided by Orion Portfolio Solution, OPS Retirement Simplified Clients 401k Plans

What kind of investor are you?


The plan allows discretionary investing to any of the options available on the platform.


If you want to hit the "easy button" you can pick one Target Date Fund to do it for you.

Designed Solution

We can build portfolios tailored to your specific needs and goals.